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Spades Free

Play the popular card game Spades for free against computer opponents

Version: 1.813

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: AI Factory Limited


Enjoy the fun of Spades right from your smartphone or tablet.

Many people have grown up playing Spades. This is an incredibly fun and addictive card game that is usually played in groups of four. Each game is to 500 points, after which a new game is almost certain to begin immediately. Many teenagers and adults have played for hours without even realizing where the time has gone. Now, this same fun and addictive card game can be yours on your own mobile device. This is a great way to stay entertained, no matter what the occasion might be. You can play against the computer whenever you have nobody else to join the game, or you can team up with others to play the game the traditional way.

With Spades, you get a wholesome game that the entire family can enjoy. Even better, with this version the game is free. That is certainly something to consider as you begin to download your favorite games for the Android platform. It is also a game that is rich in graphics and really pulls you into the game just with the look and feel of play. The sound effects will have you reliving those late nights that you used to spend playing the game.

If you just stop to think about all the times that you wished you had a fun card game available to play on your mobile device, you will be pleased to have this one at the ready. The rules for play are easy enough to learn by the end of the first game. You will find that this program is incredibly easy to download and to get up and running. You will not be disappointed with the many hours of fun that you will have playing, so download this free game today.


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